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tile paint ideas

10+ Tile Paint Ideas for the Bathroom

Whether you are thinking of redoing your whole bathroom or just doing a light makeover, the flooring of the bathroom is definitely the most eye catching feature.  Instead of ripping out the whole floor, you may want to consider tile painting.  This means you can color the current tile that you have to a more ...

10 privacy trees

10+ Trees and Shrubs Perfect for Privacy

We have a fairly large property and looking into getting a fence for our family (primarily our Great Pyrnees dog) would be ideal for our situation.  However, each quote we had received was well over $15K.  While this may not be in our budget as of now, fences do offer that perfect boundary for your ...

cable bill

Easy Way to Lower Your Cable Bill

Your home has a lot of expenses that add up.  In one case, we noticed that our cable bill was raised to nearly double the price because we no longer had that initial contract price. Enter the Cable Bill Negotiator:  Truebill Truebill is a fabulous tool that detects savings on your cable bill that you may ...

save on home depot lowes

Get Money Back on Home Depot, Lowes, and other Purchases!

Most people pay for transactions, get a receipt, and call it a day.  Well now, you can have apps look out for your recent online purchases should there be a price change.  If there’s a drop in pricing, you may be eligible for a refund!  Most of the apps below work the same: Hook up ...

Arcadia Electric Bill App

Switch Electric to Arcadia and Save on Electricity

Making your home more “green” seems to a foreign matter.  I mean, how the heck do you install solar panels.  And how much are solar panels really?  Probably tens of thousands, and the installation takes a long time. We’ve found a really neat app called Arcadia that makes it super easy to get at least ...

top home service

Top 5 Home Improvement Services That Come to You!

Building and assembly of furniture is a skill that many have, but the most significant resource that goes into it is time, which most of us lack.  Luckily, there are a few ways you can quickly get someone to build stuff for you, even from IKEA and Home Depot.  With new innovative and convenient ways ...

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