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swipe and earn

Earn Stock for Every Home Depot, Lowes, or Target Purchase!

There’s a new way to save, and companies like Groupon are risking their existence on their card linked offer program called Groupon+.  So, what exactly is a card linked offer?  Essentially you link a debit or credit card and get money back instantly when you shop at certain locations. Here’s how how to start using card ...

earn paper receipts

8 Ways to Get Money for Paper Receipts

You certainly can earn some rewards simply by keeping your receipt.  It's as easy as signing up and taking a few pictures of your receipt...just don't expect anything from your McDonald's visit five years ago ;)  Here are 8 ways to earn some rewards from those paper receipts!

5 weedding registry

5 Wedding Registry Ideas

When it’s comes time for your wedding, planning takes most of your time and energy.  We’ve compiled some pretty neat services below that will help you on your wedding journey 🙂 Registry Services There are many joys of planning a wedding, but there are also many annoying parts of planning a wedding.  A gift registry, ...

budgeting templates

Budgeting Templates for Home Improvement Projects

Whether it’s holiday season or time to schedule a trip to the Bahamas, it’s essential to abide by one of the critical money decisions your family will make:  Budgeting.  It’s not a fancy word, but for many who swear by Budgeting as their primary source of Financial Independence, utilizing Monthly Budget Templates will help increase ...

apps that improve home budget

40+ Apps to Improve Your Home Budget

Each person has their own issues and potential when it comes to your overall money situation.  Having a proper setup for finances can help you dive into your home a bit more and budget for renovations and maintenance. We’ve used many of the fabulous services below to help us manage money better so that we ...

shopping for a mattress

Shopping for a Mattress

It’s no secret that the web is making places like MattressFirm extinct by making online shopping the easiest way to shop ever.  You can get your mattresses delivered through FedEx or UPS and have it arrive on your doorstep.  Skip talking to the pesky salesperson, which by the way drives up the cost for those ...

ways to reuse

10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Phone

If you are looking to upgrade your phone, what exactly are you doing with your old phone?  Don’t tell me you are just stashing it away somewhere in a drawer!?!  There are quite a few good uses for your old phones that you probably haven’t thought of yet.  There’s still time even though you may ...

home gym ideas

10 Home Gym Ideas to Get Fit!

When it comes to finding time for fitness, things could get cloudy.  We have two kids and a dog so we need to budget our time and more importantly…our energy to get movin’.  Either way, the way things are today, the best place to workout is undoubtedly your own home or neighborhood. When it comes ...

start a lifestyle blog

How to Start a Home Living Blog

You may be browsing our site and asking yourself…how do I start my own blog just like this one!  It’s pretty simple but there are a few things you’ll need to get started. WordPress and Hosting You’ll need to get familiar with WordPress in order to start blogging.  Sure there are other platforms like Squarespace, ...

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