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15 Cloffice Ideas (Closet + Office Hybrid)

One of the latest trends is using that extra closet space for office space.  Some people have converted typical office spaces into closets and vice versa.  Really, it’s all about using the space you have for your own personal interest, so this new trend makes sense!  Take a look at these cloffice ideas that will ...

playroom storage ideas

20+ Playroom Storage Ideas

We have two toddlers at home and it gets messy (in case anyone was asking).  Luckily we invested some time and energy into some clever storage ideas inside our playroom.  We try to make it a habit to let our kids pick up after every time they play because if they didn’t there would be ...

15 shiplap

15+ Shiplap Wall Ideas

One of the projects we undertook at our own home was redoing the living room.  Previously without any updates from the 80’s to now, we knew heading into our newly purchased home that having some updates were necessary.  A shiplap wall is a budget friendly addition that took little time to get started, yet it ...

home office

25+ Home Office Ideas (Rustic and Farmhouse)

My husband and I work a lot out of our home in Pennsylvania.  Having a designated home office will help when we take on paperwork and work on the website.  Home office interest definitely has increased with the COVID crisis, and telework is needed now more than ever.  Here is some inspiration when it comes ...

20 wall clock ideas

20+ Wall Clock Decor Ideas

Keeping time sometimes becomes pretty hard when you have so much to do around the house.  We pick up the toys, prepare dinner, head outside for a walk, and go to work.  The ever brilliant wall clock is one piece we always fall back on.  Here are some other beautiful decorative wall clocks (farmhouse and ...

floating shelves

15+ Ideas for Floating Shelves

One of the more recent trends in a home is having floating shelves.  With the rooms opening up by using an open concept, finding additional space for storage has become a challenge.  Enter the floating shelves.  Take a look at some beautiful shelving ideas that you may want to use! Tray Floating Shelves Think of ...

barn door ideas pin

30+ Barn Door Ideas and Inspiration

There’s no denying that having a barn door in the house is one of the more appealing and trendy looks you can do today.  The rustic appeal is definitely one of the reasons so many people want to add these in their homes.  Here are some fabulous barn door ideas and inspiration that will push ...

disney decor ideas

10+ Disney Home Decor Ideas

Disney is one of our favorite places to visit.  Whether you have kids, which we do, or not, there’s a certain magic that goes with each and every Disney World or Land visit you take.  Exploring Epcot is one of my favorites as the place hasn’t changed all too much since I was a child, ...

15 farmhouse sink ideas

15+ Farmhouse Sink Ideas

Farmhouse sinks are a major decision when updating or refreshing your kitchen.  The new trend of using a sink as the anchor and one of the main focal points of the kitchen will never go out of style.  Check out some of these fabulous concepts! Elegant Cabinetry with a view Fitting a farmhouse sink doesn’t ...

wayfair living room set ideas

10+ Living Room Furniture Ideas on Wayfair

The living room is where we chat with our family, pick up after our kids, and the heart of the house.  Finding the right decor and furniture is essential for finding the emotions you want to convey.  Let’s take a look rustic and scandanavia living room ideas we found on Wayfair, one of the biggest ...

30 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

30+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs

Get inspired with your modern farmhouse exterior home with 30+ inspirational pieces for the best exterior designs. Having a farmhouse on the inside is one thing, but to take it outdoors to the exterior and patio is another level. If your image is featured in this post, please be sure to let us know so ...

farmhouse shelving ideas

40+ Farmhouse Shelving and Wall Decor Ideas

Get inspired with 40+ farmhouse shelving and wall decor ideas. Give some life to your walls with hand crafted ceramics, vintage signs, and beautiful greenery. A farmhouse isn’t just about the accent decor you have strategically laying around you home. It isn’t just about the beautiful centerpieces with blooms, or about the tonality in the paint ...

farmhouse table top

30+ Farmhouse Tabletop Arrangement Centerpieces

You see the farmhouse style and it’s inspiring; it makes you feel lively and happy in a country setting. There are many aspects that make up this feel, and tabletop arrangements is one of them. You might have seen some farmhouse centerpieces on Fixer Upper with Joanne Gaines, or at your friends last weekend party. ...

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