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Making your home more “green” seems to a foreign matter.  I mean, how the heck do you install solar panels.  And how much are solar panels really?  Probably tens of thousands, and the installation takes a long time.

We’ve found a really neat app called Arcadia that makes it super easy to get at least 50% clean energy in your home, without installing anything.  Yes, that means if you don’t use this app you are hurting our environment.  Well, at least I think you are…

No, You Don’t Need Wind Turbines.  Just an Eligible Electric Provider.

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Free Wind Energy through Arcadia Power

Arcadia Power is one of the more unique apps out there that has established partnerships with many of the nations energy companies like PECO and Florida Power and Light (FPL) for example.  Sporting a fast and modern interface, Arcadia allows a single household or office to connect their current electricity bill to Arcadia’s technology of switching to Greener Electricity seamlessly.

Seriously, we’ve switch to 50% wind power without any hiccup or issue plus it was FREE.  All it took was a simple click!

Arcadia Power Wind Power

To go 100% Wind Energy, you’ll be charged a small monthly premium.  In doing so, you’ll be helping the environment improve in the long run.  Plus, we’ve heard that if you sign up for 100% wind energy, you get a Google Home Mini, so at least there’s that!

Save with Smart Rate

It’s possible that in your area Arcadia Power will actually lower your bill!  We’re not sure how they do this but here’s the exact screenshot of what the option entails.

smart rate from arcadia

We couldn’t find this option available for our Florida location, but it’s definitely possible your area might offer this service!

Time to Sign Up for Arcadia Power (…I mean, why shouldn’t you?!)

Think of Arcadia Power as the company that will handle your whole electricity bill and dashboard.  If you live in Florida, you use Florida Power and Light (FP&L), and you’d likely send in a statement using a check or direct deposit online.   (Other areas like Pennslyvania offer PECO, and so on!)

If and when you want to go to that Free Wind Energy option, you’ll have to switch to Arcadia’s platform at no extra cost!  Don’t worry it’s super simple!

When you switch to Arcadia Power’s dashboard, you’ll need your a few things to get started.  And remember once you complete the account, there’s no real need to head back into your electricity company’s dashboard.

1:  Signing Up Using This Link

As we mentioned getting onto the dashboard and converting 50% of your electricity’s source to Wind Energy is FREE.  You are still liable to pay the electricity bill of course, but you’ll be able to see consumption of both Wind and Regular energy usages through the Arcadia Platform in addition to paying the bill directly from this platform!!

Again, you’ll be paying your normal electric bill, just now through Arcadia Power!*

2:  Link Your Electricity Bill’s Account Info

Though it’s pretty simple for a few companies like FP&L, syncing the account information from your current address up is another task you’ll need to accomplish.  FP&L’s example, all you’ll need to do is log in to FP&L from the Arcadia platform as they’ll ask you to sync everything up to get started.  This will be prompted to continue with the service.

login to your electric bill

Do not worry about price differences!! Your bill will be at the same charge, but you are merely using newer and greener energy sources!!

3:  Time to Select Wind Energy

Whether you are feeling up to it, you can select how much Wind Energy you’d like to use on your plan.  As we mentioned earlier, you can choose a 100% Wind Energy plan and get a Google Home or Amazon Echo, whichever the company is promoting.  We’ve also seen free energy efficient lightbulbs being offered as well!

energy lightbulbs arcadia

Arcadia says the average monthly rate for a 100% Wind Energy plan is only $10/mo extra, but as electricity fluctuates, we can’t verify this.

4:  Update Your Payment

No longer will you have to direct deposit or use Western Union to pay for an Electricity Bill.  When you pay using Arcadia’s platform, you can pay with a Credit or Debit Card!  If you love miles and cash back, this is a good time to link up one of those cards.

Head over to the Bill Pay option to select your Credit Card or Payment Option.

5:  That’s it! You are Now GREEN (and possibly saving!)

Once you’ve synced your account, set up a 50% Wind Energy or 100% plan you’ll be able to see changes in the next 30-60 days.  Remember to pay using the Arcadia’s platform, although you can set this to automatic payments and you don’t necessarily need to check your account often.

See Your Environmental Impact

One of the cooler benefits of using Arcadia Power is their Dashboard.  You’ll be able to see energy consumption and also break down which energy sources you’ve used along the way.  Spotting your impact is easy!

impact arcadia power

Our Verdict…

Arcadia Power is a tremendous app. It’s changing the way we view our electricity bill while also providing an efficient way to convert a household into a more organic presence. We commend the mission behind Arcadia and recommend those who have the option to switch today for it’s no brainer clean energy switch and the option to save in some areas.

Sign up to Arcadia here!

Want an Alternative to Arcadia Power if you live in California?

Live in Cali and want something similar to the easy interface of Arcadia?  Well, you are in luck!  Ohmconnect services the California State and offers very same benefits to that of Arcadia.

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