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Most people pay for transactions, get a receipt, and call it a day.  Well now, you can have apps look out for your recent online purchases should there be a price change.  If there’s a drop in pricing, you may be eligible for a refund!  Most of the apps below work the same: Hook up your email account to them, and it will then scan through your email to find receipts and product purchase confirmation letters.  Just be sure to keep those emails in your inbox. 

Price Drop Examples on the dashboard

Once logged into the Paribus dashboard, you’ll see all of the fantastic price drops that have been rewarded by other users.  See the example below.

Paribus Review Photo

How will I be notified of changes and how long from a purchase do I have to see a possible refund?

It depends on the merchant.  Many offer different periods up to 3 months from your initial purchase to be eligible for a price change refund!  Amazon recently has changed their price match policy to seven days.  However, if you should on Home Depot or Lowe’s for large transactions like a Washer and Dryer…having an app monitor price changes after purchase could save you a bundle of cash!

Is my information protected?

Paribus has worked very hard to make sure that the information (see link) that they collect is safe for you.  They do require a credit card eventually, but that is to pay for the refund fees back to Paribus.  Also, the company is now backed by Capital One, you know, the big financial company.

How does Paribus make money?

Paribus has informed us that it is now completely FREE since being acquired by Capital One.

If you are the kind of person who buys a lot of product online, you should consider some of these apps.  It could be the money hack you’ve been dreaming about!

Shopping online has become the number one place to spend money these days.  Looking for ways to save more online is something online shoppers have become accustomed to.  From searching multiple coupon sites, going to cash back rebate sites, and using smart apps to help them find deals, there will always be new ways to save online.  After all the searching we’ve done thus far, we’ve seen several apps that will help you, almost automatically, save money!

Make sure you follow these tips first!!

1:  You Need a Credit Card with Price Protection

These apps do an excellent letting you know right away, that you need a Credit Card (not Debit Card) that has the benefit of Price Protection.  Many cards do offer it, but your card may not not offer it.

(Check out The Points Guy’s list of eligible cards here)

2:  Use this Card for Online Shopping

Comes as no surprise that to get Price Change Refunds you’ll need to buy with the card that has this benefit.  If you don’t, it’s hard to say if you’ll be eligible for a price change difference. 🙁

A nice feature of Paribus and Sift is that you can technically add pretty much any credit card, with or without this benefit and it’ll lay out the card’s benefits for you anyways.

sift card benefits

3:  Sign up to one or more of the apps below

  • Paribus
  • Sift wallet
  • Earny

It’s easy as cake to sign up to these services, and all you’ll need is:

  • Primary Shopping Email Address (scans digital receipts)
  • Amazon Account Email and Password (to scan price changes)

4:  Notifications of Price Changes

Once linked, you’ll be notified of a price change opportunity, you’ll be notified via email or through the app.  (mostly available on both iOS and Android)

price drop found!

5:  Take Action on the Refund

If you meet the following, you can set up your refund process immediately and get the money as soon as seven days!

  • Used the right Credit Card with Price Protection
  • Use Sift to take action on the refund within allotted time frame

Once you’ve gone to the app, saw the potential price drop, you could be eligible for that difference!  It’s that easy.

In conclusion…

No matter which refund  app you choose here, these are scam-free and legit options to earn some money back on stuff you bought.  It’s a rarely used credit card benefit, and you can take advantage of this amazing money hack.

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