Top 5 Home Improvement Services That Come to You!


Building and assembly of furniture is a skill that many have, but the most significant resource that goes into it is time, which most of us lack.  Luckily, there are a few ways you can quickly get someone to build stuff for you, even from IKEA and Home Depot.  With new innovative and convenient ways to get things assembled using apps like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack, you’ll be able to find a quick solution that could save thousands!


1:  Houzz

This app is quickly becoming one of the best places to not only find home improvement professionals, but you could also buy furniture and home improvement supplies directly from the site.  Houzz acts as a database for contractors and supplies, making it the Amazon of Home Improvement.


Another cool feature with Houzz is that you can find inspiration through its favorite blog section.

2:  Handy

If you have children, or if you have issues keeping up with the mess in your home you should think about getting a cleaner.  Often, you’ll forget to clean your house and mess will pile up.  Handy offers a unique take on home cleaning by providing a subscription-based service.

Have reputable cleaners come to your home and clean it once per month.  Price will depend on the size of your house though, so expect to pay more if you live in a mansion.  (good for you)


3:  Porch

Porch operates much like a Houzz and Thumbtack where you can send out quotes for any home related task like Lawn or Plumbing and have a bevy of professionals bid on your project.

The difference here is that Porch only focuses on Home tasks, whereas Thumbtack you can book a Wedding DJ or even a Yoga Guru.

4:  TaskRabbit

If you or your partner have ever put together a piece of furniture, you know that it’s one of the more intense projects you’ll have to do.  Whether you have purchased it online or instore, the pictures or in-store demonstrations of the finished product are a tease.  TaskRabbit makes it affordable and accessible to get these types of projects done without stress and as a bonus, you’ll get some time back! After all, time is money!

Become a TaskRabbit Tasker

Sure, if you are looking to spend extra time earning cash, you can work with TaskRabbit as a “Tasker.” Anything from Painting, to TV installation, TaskRabbit is becoming one of the top places for clients to find these resources, so getting involved wouldn’t be such a bad idea!  How much you can make varies project to project.  You’ll also have to attend a mandatory orientation to get you up to speed on what is required from you and your clients.

5:  Thumbtack

Leaky roof?  Spotty House Cleaner?  Need an AC Guy during the Summer?  These are the issues you may run into when living your home life.  In the past, someone would look up services inside the Yellowpages, and skim through to find the closest home contractor in your area to find needed work.  Today, it’s not so complicated; you can perform a search online through Thumbtack to find any contractor you need.

How the Thumbtack App Works (as a Client)

Thumbtack doesn’t work as a traditional search engine.  In fact, the website is focused on providing you the worker solutions you need and not just relying on proper SEO and Paid Search Options that, generally speaking, is what gets you to see the nearest business.   Here is how it works:

  • Type in your service you want
  • Answer the provide questions that follow
  • Let Thumbtack find people who wish to your project
  • See quotes from various contractors
Thumbtack Quote
We received a quick bid for an iPad repair. It was fast, easy, and cheap!

Turn the Tide and Let Contractors BID ON YOU!

You can find virtually any worker on the site, including Meditation teachers.  Many people tend to believe their Wedding DJ’s and Photographers through Thumbtack as well.  There are potential bargains to be made if you need particular work.  You could book a newer professional who is looking for sales and contacts to grow their business at an incredible quoted price.

Be sure to check the reviews left by other customers of the contractor to ensure you get the best worker for your project!

The best part is, you tend to know what you are paying for up front, rather than waiting for the service to be performed.  Of course, there are exceptions, should you book a maintenance specialist who needs more resources, for example.  But for the most part, you’ll be able to see the feedback of each professional bidding on your proposal, along with the quoted price.

In short…

It’s super easy to get contractors these days.  Throw away (recycle) the wasted paper found in the Yellow Pages and start looking for your next contractor online!

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