5 Wedding Registry Ideas


When it’s comes time for your wedding, planning takes most of your time and energy.  We’ve compiled some pretty neat services below that will help you on your wedding journey 🙂

Registry Services

There are many joys of planning a wedding, but there are also many annoying parts of planning a wedding.  A gift registry, for example, can help you fill your home with necessities that will stay in your house forever.

Picking the right stuff for your home may come down to an emotional choice and sometimes you end up with too many bowls and silverware.  Luckily there are so many different registry options out there, pick one that best suits you, as a couple!

1:  Honeyfund

Choosing Honeyfund will focus your wedding gift registry into a crowd-funded Honeymoon!  Wouldn’t you instead go to Paris for a week then wash a cheese grater or fine silverware?

By choosing Honeyfund as your registry service, you are picking a one-stop place for your friends and family to gift you.  Some of the significant benefits are:

  • Register Home Accessories
  • Pick a Honeymoon Destination rather than traditional gifts
  • Get 2% extra on an Amazon Gift Cards
  • Discounts on Hotels and Travel
  • Consolidate Items and Trips into one platform!

2:  Amazon Registry

Amazon has certainly stepped up it’s Wedding Registry game as of late and offers a direct competitor to Honeyfund.  Here’s why you might want to choose Amazon!

  • Everyone uses Amazon!
  • Easy Returns on Items (Extended to 180 Days)
  • Easy Thank You Cards (THIS IS MAJOR)
  • Group Gifting (for Trips and Expensive Items)
  • Biggest Product Selection Online
  • Trips and Vacation Group Funding is Available

We admit, that we might have to rank Amazon #1 after this cool perk:  The X-Ray Option will allow you to see what’s in a box by scanning it’s bar code.  As gifts pile you, you can easily keep things in order!

3:  MyRegistry

While it seems like the other apps above will consolidate registries, MyRegistry will actually do it!  In other words, you can add items from a Target, Amazon, Walmart, IKEA and others and place it into one actionable registry!  Other benefits include:

  • Scan Barcodes from Stores to Add
  • Add a “Cash” fund as a gift
  • Add a customized message and Registry Landing Page
  • Baby and other Gift Registry Options
  • Call or Chat Online for Assistance

You should definitely consider MyRegistry a Top contender for your Registry.  They have all of the features of the top two, yet also sport amazing customer service and a massive amount of options!  Remember this:  People don’t always shop on Amazon or Target, so having an app that includes all may be best!

4:  ZOLA

If looks and user interface are important to you, the the ZOLA app makes a terrific option.  You can customize a full wedding website along with a registry in minutes!  If you live in New York City, they also have a branded Town-home where they showcase a full array of ZOLA received gifts.  Here’s why you should consider them:

  • Custom Website
  • Ship Items When You Want
  • It’s a Store so Friends and Family won’t be confused to shop elsewhere
  • Price Matching on Popular Stores like Target and Amazon

Another solid option for your time is ZOLA, and because it’s an actual store you’ll have friends stay on your wedding page and not jump around!

5:  Blueprint

Another beautifully designed option would be Blueprint registries.  This company realized that looks are important and elegance should always match what your wedding could and should be!  You can design your own custom Wedding Registry fairly easily along with integrating stores like Amazon and Walmart.  You can also take advantage of these benefits:

  • Add Products from Anywhere
  • Group Gifts (Crowdfund a Gift)
  • Seamlessly Turn Unwanted Gifts into Cash (should you change your mind)
  • 100% Free!

Blueprint is a good choice because not all items may be purchased on your registry, and with Blueprint, you are eligible for 10% off specific items a year after your wedding!

Other services to look into…

Whether you are having a digital wedding experience or in person experience, you can look into these services to help you organize!


The new way to book professionals, Thumbtack is your primary solution to finding DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Priests, Rabbis, you name it.   Just enter in your project and have vendors bid on them, it’s that simple.  Reviews, Business information, and plenty of suppliers are provided on each professional that offers on your wedding projects.

Gentlemen’s Box

Hosting a bachelor party?  Go to this site to help you find some unique groomsmen gifts for a decent price.

UBER Events

Planning transportation to and from hotels to venues, or something along those lines?  Look to UBER Events to take care of this! This feature from UBER goes unnoticed but could be a real lifesaver for those who are planning transportation. Primarily, the service acts as a one-stop place for wedding hosts to purchase UBER passes to and from an event.

Blogs to get inspiration from

Don’t have a wedding planner or looking for ideas?  Here are some great wedding blogs that you can search for inspiration:

Let us know below if you have a fabulous way to organize a wedding!

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