40+ Apps to Improve Your Home Budget


Each person has their own issues and potential when it comes to your overall money situation.  Having a proper setup for finances can help you dive into your home a bit more and budget for renovations and maintenance. We’ve used many of the fabulous services below to help us manage money better so that we can redo our landscape and kitchen.

1 AskTrim

For those who are paying for the internet, you’ll notice a fluctuating cable bill every month.  Cable companies often go unchecked when it comes to a monthly bill, and fees are sometimes added due to outages or service changes.

Because these fees may or may not be transparent for the average consumer, a bill negotiating robot will likely knock these fees off for you without having to deal with any customer service!  Price:  Takes a Small Fee ONLY if Successful 

2 Blink Health

The rising cost of health insurance and prescriptions doesn’t seem to end.  Depending on where you live, you may not be able to afford proper medicine since it has the potential to ruin your overall financial outlook.  Blink Health is looking to change all of this by supplying you with a discount card that applies to most major pharmacies in the U.S.

You’ll find generic prescriptions at a fraction of the cost you’d typically see if you are uninsured for specific medicines.  Now they’ve introduced Free Home Delivery, make it even more affordable! Price: FREE Just Pay Cost of Drugs

3 Arcadia Power

Paying the monthly electric bill can be one of your home’s more substantial expenses.  While this app isn’t a way to save on the bill, you can switch your home’s energy source from standard electric to 50% Wind Energy at no extra cost using the Arcadia Power app.

If you are feeling green, a small charge could net you a 100% Wind Energy household.  While the app is only available in select states, it’s a great way to help our environment!  Price: FREE with 50% Plan

4 ClassPass

App companies often think about ways to become the next “Netflix or UBER of” category.  With ClassPass, you would be joining the Netflix of Gym Classes.  Choose from several local gym classes and come and go as you please.  With a flat monthly fee you get a pass to local fitness classes of your choice, no strings attached.  Price:  FREE TRIAL then Monthly Fee

5 Mint Mobile

So many people pay huge cell phone contracts when you don’t have to pay that much at all.  Cell Phone re-sellers like Mint Mobile will utilize AT&T cell towards, just like AT&T does but offer their service at a much lower rate.

Many people are suckers when it comes to the latest Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Models, but you can easily find a great phone through a secondhand shop that is recertified.  Don’t save hundreds, save thousands!  Price: $15/mo for three months

6 Flipp

We all need to go grocery shopping occasionally.  For many, clipping coupons both on paper and digitally is a chore that takes hours at a time.  Some people will head into a store and check the weekly flyer ad for the latest deals and discounts.

Flipp will organize all of the weekly ads from not only grocery stores but bigger stores like Target and Best Buy.  You can highlight the products you want and even cut coupons digitally!  Price: FREE

7 Stocard

If you shop or dine at a specific place, there’s a good chance they offer some sort of loyalty program.  Places like Dunkin Donuts offer their Rewards program, and CVS not only prints out books as receipts but they also have their reward program that can save you on each purchase.  Accumulate points and get even more savings along the way.  With the Stocard app, you can easily place your reward cards in one spot so they don’t clutter your leather wallet.  You can even use your Apple Watch for cashiers to scan!  Price: FREE

8 Thumbtack

It used to be that you’d scan the Yellow Pages and look for a fellow handyman to swing by and fix your gutters or leak.  With the Thumbtack app you can enter in the type of project you need someone to work on, whether that’s a Wedding DJ or a Handyman, Thumbtack has the most extensive database of available workers on your project willing to bid on it.

Find the right contractor through reviews and the right price that fits your budget! Price: Quote from Worker

9 Metromile

Car insurance is one expense that families tend to spend a lot of money on.  For those who don’t spend a lot of time on the road, however, there aren’t many ways to save other than trying to convince a car insurance company like Geico that you only drive several miles a day.  Even then your quote is still likely to be a couple hundred bucks a month.

With Metromile, you pay for insurance only on the mileage you drive.  You hook up a device inside the car’s add-on port and the Metromile service will track your mileage.  This way you make insurance a Pay as You Go type service!  Price: Depends on Location

10 Honey

Love shopping online?  So do we.  The thing is, many people including us tend to go to other coupon sites to see if there’s a coupon before buying anything.  This can turn into a treasure hunt that leads to nowhere.  With expired coupons, or promo codes that simply don’t work this can be a frustrating task.  Honey works through the Chrome browser and will scan a website or e-commerce business you are already on, and apply a working code at checkout automatically!  Price: FREE

11 Lemonade

Getting insurance the old way involved going into an agent’s office, spending hours at a time going over what may or may not be covered and finally getting a quote.  Lemonade drastically changes this since you’ll be able to text and chat with a Live Agent and receive a quote within minutes.  

With Rental and Home Insurance quotes as little as $5 per month, it’s no wonder this app has been climbing up the iOS and Android app store rankings ever since they got started!  Price: Per Quote

12 Privacy.com

With a list of subscriptions that seems to grow each month, it’s incredibly easy to lose track of unwanted subscriptions.  One month you may budget for Netflix, the next it’s Hulu.

With Privacy, you can link temporary credit card numbers so that you’ll bill a subscription for an allotted amount of time and not go over your budget.  Set limits, change preferences on which credit or banking account you’d like to use and more.  Think of Privacy.com as a way to pay for subscriptions with a Personalized Prepaid Visa Card Number, this way you protect yourself from potential overdrafts! Price: FREE

13 M1Finance

Getting into investing could be an intimidating financial choice.  With the M1Finance app, you’ll find it super easy to get started in stocks no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.  The coolest feature involves investing in portions of unaffordable stocks Amazon and Apple.

Perhaps you don’t know much at all about stocks, and with M1 you can choose handpicked stock portfolios from experts!  Price: FREE

14 Fundrise

Not too long ago the economy was shattered by incredibly high real estate prices, rending future generations useless in the real estate investing field.  Some may joke that Millennials will never own property in their lifetime, while the generation themselves have been scrappy in finding other places to invest.

Real estate investing is less risky than stocks, yet seemingly impossible to get into if you don’t have much money until now!  You can now invest in portions of real estate (eREITs) through this app!  You can get started in real estate investing with as little as $500 (which sounds like a lot but isn’t in this investing field).  Price: $500 Minimum

15 Lending Club

Peer to Peer investing and borrowing has been around for about a decade now, yet people often forgo this solid investing opportunity.  By investing in other people’s loans you not only help someone pay off debt or a project but with a higher return than most portfolios out there, it’s no wonder why many experienced investors dabble in P2P.

Lending Club is one of, if not the largest Peer to Peer Loan Marketplaces around.  Not only can you invest in other’s loans but you can get your own personal loan as well with a decent interest rate. Price: Minimum of $25 Investment

16 blooom

If your workplace offers a 401k or 403b plan, it’s likely that it’s not fully optimized to get you the most bang for your buck.  By allowing an app like blooom to help boost your 401k plan’s potential, you’ll earn way more money in retirement if you don’t!

It’s like having your financial advisor without having to pay boatloads of money for!  Price:  First Month Free, then $10/mo

17 Robinhood

It wasn’t too long ago that stocks were such a hassle to get into.  The stock market investing world stood on its feet when Robinhood became popular.  Considered by many to be the pioneer of making stocks available for beginners and anyone who wanted access, Robinhood needs simple information for you to trade stocks for Free.

Although there are several competitors out there, Robinhood continues to evolve in this ever-changing world.  Now they accept Free trading with Cryptocurrency, making Robinhood an appropriate one-stop place to trade stocks.  Plus they will also be adding their own banking with 3% interest!  Price: FREE

18 Public.com

It turns out that many people we talk to do often not get into stock trading because the companies they want to invest in are way too pricey.  Take Amazon for example.  Their current stock price is over $150o per share.  That means if you’re going to invest in Amazon you’ll need $1500 just for one share!

What Public.com does is make these stocks more affordable by investing in a single portion of a share of Amazon for as little as $1.  Sure it will be a small fraction of what a single piece of stock is, but as the stock grows, so does that $1!  Now you can invest in multiple companies you want to invest in!  Price: FREE

19 Acorns

It’s challenging to enter investing when you don’t know much about it, or don’t have that much money to commit to a portfolio.  With the Acorns app, you’ll be able to invest spare change into a stock portfolio.

What this means is that, for example, you fill up at the gas station and you spend $29.50 filling up.  Acorns will round up the other 0.50 cents to make the purchase $30 even.  By taking these spare change transactions and turning them into investments, it’s a harmless, yet simple way to invest money you never thought possible!  Price: $1/mo

20 StreetShares

Veterans and Military Personnel are sometimes an overseen group of people that have financial needs as well.  StreetShares makes it easy for any sort of veteran to invest or get a respectable loan.  

Investment wise, there’s a way to earn 5% on Business Bonds that includes former and current military along with small businesses within the United States.  So basically, StreetShares is a great place to invest or get a loan for those who are applicable.

21 Figure

For those who own a home (probably not a millennial), you might want to renovate your kitchen or consolidate debt in some way.  In some cases, your home’s equity is the only asset you might have.  Figure offers loans based on your home’s equity rather than using any other line credit, plus the loan from Figure is Tax Deductible!  Price:  Rate Varies

22 Coinbase

Cryptocurrency has brought a whole new spectrum of investors to the universe.  With a whole new array of options and potential, it’s no wonder why investing in cryptocurrency is one of the top trends in economics today.

Since the explosion of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency, there has been one app that has been consistent in onboarding new investors.  Coinbase is a free Cryptocurrency trading platform that has amazing security and ease of access not only beginner investors but for advanced ones alike.  Price: FREE

23 Greenlight

Let’s admit it:  We are suckers when it comes to our kids.  Greenlight makes it super easy to manage your child’s finances without being too complicated.  You’ll be able to send allowance, manage savings and, budgets while giving them a widely accepted MasterCard (Debit) that is accessible to 120+ countries.

Sending money through the app keeps your mind at ease!  Price:  $4.99 After 30 Days

24 Qapital

Want to get into a savings account but don’t have the time or money management skills to do so correctly?  Qapital is a way to help save for what you want in life, like a beach vacation for example.

The app will stow money away for the vacation, or other goals, and help you easily save to reach the goal.  Price:  $2.99/mo

25 Rent Reporters

One of the most significant expenses that people are likely to pay each month is Rent.  Rent also is typically just written as a check to a landlord or property manager, and that’s the end of the transaction.  Most people don’t realize that these rent payments can be reported to a credit bureau for reporting.

What this means is that you can increase your credit rating dramatically by doing this!  Rent Reporters will take care of this for you and offers terrific customer service!  By increasing your credit score, you’ll be able to get better rates on mortgages, personal loans, or other financing solutions! Price:  $94.95

26 Personal Capital

Tracking investments, expenses, budgeting and more can be a genuinely complicated task.  Personal Capital serves as a one-stop dashboard for all of your financial management needs.

Though you are likely to find it useful should you have a higher net worth, those looking to track their net worth even with little money could find this wealth management tool very useful!  Price: FREE


It’s never easy when you need a personal loan.   Some reasons may include debt consolidation of credit cards or need extra money for significant expenses.  Either way, loans do cost money through their various fees and interest rates.

EVEN will help you find the absolute best online personal loan by sending your application to multiple reputable loan companies, and you’ll have the offers come to you!  This way you know which offer works best for you. Price: FREE

28 Plastiq

It used to be that if you wanted to pay for rent or other expenses with a credit card you’d have to jump through hoops of fire.  We still recommend you be careful paying rent and other higher costs with a credit card, but with Plastiq, everything is super easy.

You can boost your rewards and one time bonuses by using your credit card to pay for big expenses.  Price:  2.5% Fee

29 Mint

Though there a ton of ads on Mint since being acquired by Intuit, it’s still one of the best budget and money trackers ever built!  You can sync up all of your bank accounts, bills, and investments and find out what you should budget for each month.

With a secure dashboard and a wide array of tools readily available without cost, Mint.com certainly makes a solid choice to manage your money!  Price:  FREE

30 Nav

Having a great credit rating (or score) will help when you apply to get a mortgage or apply for a rewarding credit card.  For most people, if you ask them what their credit score is, they’ll pause, and you’ll hear crickets in the background.

Nav offers you a place to attain a Free Credit Score in addition to advice to increase the rating over time.  You can also look into a business credit score too if you have running credit on your business as well!  Price: FREE (Premium Features Available)

31 Dave

Who hasn’t been in a situation when you needed a quick buck to cover gas or some other expense at the time?  Bank overdraft fees are incredibly annoying and costly when they show up on your statement.  You can ask the Dave app to give you an allotted amount of cashduring the month to save you from this kind of stress.

It’s a bonus that Dave isn’t like any other advances where you’ll have to jump through hoops to use it.  There are no interest or credit checks to use this app!  Price: $1/mo

32 Tally

Credit Card debt can be a major source of financial stress.  A lot of times when you pay a credit card bill, the balance never seems to go down!  If you have multiple cards and have a tough time paying them down you should take a look at Tally!

Tally will organize your cards and tell you which cards to pay off first, or pay accordingly.  They’ll factor in specific methods on why you should pick a payment so that you’ll avoid higher interest and fees.  They are essentially an automatic debt paying machine!  Price: FREE

33 You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Budgeting is essential for a person, or family to stay on track of their expenses.  While it’s not fun for a lot of people, it can help achieve goals like saving for your child’s education or funding that beach vacation you always wanted.

YNAB offers one of the best ways to manage your money because you can easily track expenses and bills while being rewarded for saving in the long run.  It’s simple to hook up your current bank accounts and statements too!  Price: FREE for 34 Days, then $6.99/mo

34 H&R Block

Oh…taxes.  Who loves filing their taxes?! (crickets chirping)  Tax season is one of those periods of time when you get stressed because you have to get your bank statements, business expense reports, and income tax information ready while also dealing with life in itself.

Some apps like TurboTax and TaxAct make it easy to file taxes, yet people often forget that H&R Block also has a similar app while offering in-store advice for those who’d rather speak to a real person.  This comes in handy when you need help!  So having the backup of having an H&R Block location combined with an app to file taxes should be your pocket!  Price:  FREE Federal Tax File

35 Ladder Life

Often, we think we are immortal and never pass on.  This is a harsh reality.  We can still leave a lasting impression not only in the form of what we do in our lives but financially you can set up Life Insurance to make sure those who matter most to you, will be more secure in the short term.  Life Insurance isn’t a pretty topic, but Ladder Life does the best job we’ve seen making it super simple and easy to sign up to.

It takes about 5 minutes to get a Life Insurance plan, and with fantastic customer support, you’ll get the plan that fits. Price: Depends on Quote

36 CITBank

The world of commerce is shifting online and so is banking.  Brick and Mortar banks like Bank of America or Wells Fargo offer staggeringly low Savings interest rates, which makes it almost useless to save money rather than place it through investments that are higher yielding.  Still, having a bank account dedicated to emergency funds and similar preferences makes a Savings account what it is.

CITBank (FDIC Insured) bridges the world of investing and saving by giving out a uniquely high-interest rate for savings at nearly 2% annually.  This means if you keep $10,000 in savings you are to get $215 back without lifting a finger.  Because CITBank is all digital, they don’t have to pay for employees and other fees to keep their business from offering these high returns.  Price:  FREE

37 HoneyFi

Banking between couples can get…a bit stressful at times.  In fact, many marriages end because of financial strain.  With the HoneyFi app, you’ll be able to sync your goals and financial budgeting as a couple and overall, manage your money better.

You can comment on the overspending on Christmas, underspending for your Mother In Law’s Birthday and much more.  Become a happier couple with this financial management app!  Price: FREE

38 Joy

People love spending money.  It’s what gets you food, clothing, and sometimes happiness.  But money shouldn’t buy you happiness all the time.  In fact, most of our purchases end up lying around somewhere in the house or apartment taking up unnecessary clutter.

Joy acts a spending Psychiatrist by allowing you to rate Happy or Sad after you buy something.  By allowing you to place your spending emotions somewhere, you’ll spend less and save more over time…if that makes you happy!  Price: FREE

39 Qoins

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt.”  This remains to be such a true statement these days.  With credit card bills, Student Loans, and other large expenses, Debt is becoming the new norm in this financial world.

On the other hand, if you are Debt Free you release yourself of a ball and chain that is financially and emotionally dragging you down.  With the Qoins app, you can pay down debt by rounding up expenses and spending habits.  For example, you pay $19.50 at the Gas Pump, Qoins will round it up to $20.00 and use the extra $0.50 to pay down your Debt! Price: $1.99/mo

40 Gabi

Insurance Shopping isn’t a pleasant experience, but for most households with a car, you’ll need to do it.  Most states require Insurance so shopping around is an essential part of saving in the long run.

Many people don’t realize that you can always switch Insurance plans and policies fairly easily and save a ton of cash.  Gabi will link to your current Insurance Policy (auto) and find out if there are other better ones, with similar coverage, out there!  Price: Free to Find Out Coverage Options

41 WiseBanyan

Getting into investments, managing a stock portfolio, tracking expenses and other personal finance tasks is really hard to keep track of, no matter the app selection you use.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a Personal Finance Advisor within reach.

WiseBanyan is a Free Personal Finance Advisor (Yes, Free) that leverages top-notch tech to manage your investment portfolios to greater depths.  Price: FREE

42 Chime

Banks are changing fairly drastically due to the latest Financial Technology.  Once, the concept of scanning a check in through an app came around, it was only a matter of time when we’d shift the way we think of traditional banking.

Chime bank is not the first bank to be fully digital, but it is one of the most up and coming banks that offers unique perks and benefits that fit newer innovations of banking.  For example, you can get paid 2 days before payday when you set up Direct Deposit with Chime.  There are also no fees to using the bank, or withdrawing cash from MoneyPass ATMs.  Chime continues to innovate, and that’s why they are here on this list.  Price: FREE

43 Cover

Insurance is a pain for many families.  For one, it’s an expense no one sees unless there’s some accident.  This deters many people from signing up for insurance.  When something wrong does happen, you better have insurance since we are human after all.

Cover makes it super easy to sign up to any insurance by using your smartphone camera!You can ensure your pet, a piece of jewelry, or your home. All you need is your smartphone to get started!  Price: Per Quote

44 Simple

If you ever wanted to strip down everything that banking should be and made it an easy and simple banking experience, you’d have the Simple Banking app.  Backed by the BBVA Compass company, this FDIC banking app allows users to sign up for a checking or savings account and have everything managed through one incredible app.

With Zero Fees and the ability to have a Shared Account (with your partner), you’ll easily track expenses and set budgeting in a pinch.  Price: FREE

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